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During the DehydraTECH-THC process, the THC molecule is first enveloped in a specific long chain fatty acid/dietary lipid. Then, applying the patented process in precise ratios and dosage targets, the coated THC molecule is “bonded” with a standard product ingredient, like a starch or sugar.

This groundbreaking “Coat-and-Bond” process is scientifically proven to enable the THC molecule to directly enter the bloodstream beginning within 2 minutes, importantly avoiding the liver’s 75-85% degradation of the THC molecule during first-pass metabolism. As a result, nearly all of the THC consumed is able to circulate in the bloodstreatm in an unmetabolized form.

The result is that bioavailability of the THC molecule is enhanced, enabling much greater absorption than products made without DehydraTECH.

With traditional biodelivery technologies and the newer nano-emulsification technologies which typically use an MCT oil as the transport method, first-pass liver metabolism is unavoidable, resulting in inconsistent dosing and absorption, plus alteration of the ingested THC.

Additionally, DehydraTECH-THC naturally masks unwanted taste and odor and exponentially increases the potency, stability, and shelf life of products.
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