DehydraTECH-THC Advantages

Product Benefits

Reduced time of onset – effects are felt within 12-20 min vs. 60-120 min

Avoids first-pass liver metabolism -- mitigating unwanted side effects and eliminating effect of diet on the speed of impact

Masks unwanted tastes eliminating the need for sugar-filled edibles

Increased bioavailability up to 5-10x to equate to blood absorption by inhalational delivery

Increased brain permeation up to 19x as demonstrated in animal studies

Manufacturing Benefits

Easy product development

Because DehydraTECH works by locking the THC molecule to an ingredient already used in your recipe, there is no disruption to your cherished formula or established manufacturing process.  

DehydraTECH product formulation can often be done in less than 90 days, at minimal cost.

Precise dosing

DehydraTECH delivers precise, repeatable dosing and minimizes waste of valuable cannabinoids.

Decreased Manufacturing Costs

Increased bioavailability means a significant decrease in manufacturing costs.

Longer Shelf Life

Activated ingredients made with DehydraTECH are proven to be shelf-stable, not losing efficacy after many years.

Wide-ranging application

DehydraTECH can be used with virtually all current CPG form factors, including edibles, beverages, topicals, tinctures, and sublingual products.